Digital Photo Collage Creations

These kaleidoscopes are photo collage designs made from my texture, pattern and wildflower photos. As I began learning and experimenting with Photoshop, I found ways to layer and merge my photos into patterns and designs, which led to the creation of the kaleidoscopes. I use at least two, and up to six, different photos in each kaleidoscope, layering one on top of the other. I’ll sample different blending modes, filters and color adjustments ‘til I have a pattern I like. The pattern is then duplicated (up to 16 times), flipped, rotated and arranged to make the final design. 

To see an example of how I create my kaleidoscopes click on the Behance icon on the bottom of this page and look for "Making a kaleidoscope".


For this series of designs I took some of my previous kaleidoscope designs and copied, rotated, resized, layered, filtered, blended and squared them in Photoshop.  


The mandalas are my latest digital creations. Whereas, the kaleidoscopes are photo collage creations, the mandalas begin as digital illustrations. Over the past several years, working with Adobe Illustrator I’ve created numerous backgrounds, patterns and designs, these are the basis for the mandalas. Once I’ve picked out a series of illustrations that I think will make a good design, I bring them into Photoshop to layer, merge, filter and rotate much the same as with the kaleidoscopes. The last step is to add color or leave them with out. Because I create the design and add all the color, I have a bit more control over the final outcome than with the kaleidoscopes.