My Doodles are my trademark. I've been drawing them for as long as I can remember. In most cases, a doodle is something one does in an absentminded or board state, by this definition my drawings are not doodles. But years ago whenever someone asked me what I was drawing I'd say I was "doodling" and the name stuck. I had no pattern, idea or design in mind, just a flow, just a way to unwind and relax my mind. My doodles always begin with stars or spirals and I elaborate on them from there. For the longest time they were confined notebooks and sketchpads. But a few years ago I started filling full large sheets of watercolor paper and began seeing them more as art pieces.  


Nudes have always been a part of fine art, so here is my contribution to that long standing tradition: Doodles With Nude Figures. I like the idea of the doodles morphing into the figures or the figures morphing into the doodles.