Rare Nature Photos

It can be really dangerous sometimes in the deserts of New Mexico. You can never be certain of what you might encounter. These photos are just a few of the creatures I've run into (and run from) while taking walks or on hikes in the deserts of New Mexico.

Change of Scenery/Imaginary Landscapes 

The Change of Scenery images come from the idea that there just might be something hidden behind what our eyes can see. What looks like an old building or a mountain range may also hold another dimension, another layer. Most of these images began as the backgrounds for my Religious Figures series and have now evolved into my Kaleidoscopes.

Religious Figures/Day of the Dead/Sacred Hearts 

First let me say, I'm not a religious person. But I grew up in an area where there is a lot of religious art. You can see it in the churches and the retablos. Many of the shops and art show and galleries feature religious works of art. I also spent some time in Russia where I saw some of the most beautiful church and icon art I've ever seen. So when a gallery in the area was having a show themed on Gods and Goddesses I jumped at the chance to create some of my own icons.  Which spun off to Sacred Hearts and images for the Day of the Dead as well.


Abstract Expressionism

These digital paintings are a combination of photo collage and digital illustration collage. I took some of the backgrounds I used to make my kaleidoscopes and some of the background I used in the creation of my mandalas, merged them together in Photoshop and with lots of color and layer adjustments and came up with what looked to me like abstract expressionist paintings.   


This is just a sample of my graphic design work. Some of these designs were used by the customer and others were created for a print media course I took. 

My Digital Creations are a mix of primarily my own photography, lots of layers, masks, and blending modes, and a great deal of fun. When I first began working in digital art I wasn't certain I'd like it, transferring from the pens, brushes, paper, and canvas of fine art was not an easy one. But now I enjoy the digital creative process just as much as drawing and painting, it's just giving me more tools to create with.